Importance of the Eportfolio

Mind is officially blown! I had no idea eportfolios have such a robust history. I am definitely behind in the game, time to play catch-up. I admit, this is new territory for me and I am excited about creating a place to revisit my ideas and thoughts. I have always reflected on things that I learn, however never had a place online, just writing in a journal. This course and the previous course has stretched my thinking, making me get out of my comfort zone. It has presented challenges where I have had to embrace the COVA model. In the last class, I decided to use WordPress to create my eportfolio because I heard it was easy to use and navigate. It is. Now, after reading the articles, I am going to investigate using Bluehost, so I have access to more themes and can really make this thing my own.

During the first lecture of this class, it was discussed that we should have like 3-4 posts a week. That number was frightening. I was thinking to myself, “Do I have that much to say?” and “Will it be quality?” Dr. Harapnuik gave great tips on making this happen. Setting a schedule and commitment are key to ensure the success of getting those blogs done. The outline of what should be included in the eportfolio was quite helpful also. I enjoyed viewing all the examples of the eportfolios, very diverse. The links provided gave me a sense of relief and guided me to other links. I am still exploring the links. Talk about a plethora of resources! I was really impressed with one of the examples I viewed, he was hired based on his eportfolio. After reading that, I had an Ah-ha moment. The eportfolio showcases who you are. It gives someone a clear picture of what’s important to you, your passions, your interests. Once, I stopped looking at this simply as an assignment, its relevance and benefits were clear. I am creative with making things, now its time to create digitally!

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