COVA-Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authentic Learning

choices decision doors doorway
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The COVA learning approach has tremendously impacted my learning in this program. This learning approach allows you to customize your own evidence of learning. This learning approach needs to become the new traditional learning. At first, it can be intimidating if you are accustomed to being told exactly what to do. On one of my first week’s assignment, I challenged myself to present my evidence of learning differently than I normally would. I love doing PowerPoints and is my first go to for presentations. This time I chose to do a Prezi presentation. This was the first time I ever used this online program. I had no clue what I was doing and was quite frustrated in the beginning and almost gave up and went back to do a PowerPoint. I told myself this was the point of challenging myself, so I stuck with it and glad I did. I plan to continue to challenge myself and use other digital platforms for presenting my evidence of learning.

This model does appeal to me and what’s funny is I did use this approach when I was a teacher, I just didn’t know there was an actual model of this learning approach. I always wanted my students to learn from each other and meaningful learning experiences. I never saw value in assigning everyone the same project, such as the solar system. Having 22 models of the same information didn’t increase their knowledge of the solar system. Instead, I would assign students different planets or other objects in the sky. Students were given the guidelines for necessary information and then they could choose how they decided to present it.

I believe the most beneficial part of the COVA learning model is the ability to choose how you deliver your evidence of learning. Clear expectations are key in this learning model. Students must know what the finished product must include. I also think the choice component is a little challenging as well. Because I have the opportunity to choose, I am tasked with deciding on which digital platform I will use and make sure that my learning is clear and can be understood by my audience.

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