Blended Learning Implementation Draft

I look forward to your comments and suggestions. This is a very rough draft of what I was thinking.

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Implementation Draft

Step One-Plan with everyone in mind

  1. Form a committee and present proposal to help support stakeholder buy in
  2. Survey Teachers on comfortability with instruction online
  3. Survey Parents to identify their technology capabilities at home-internet and devices available.
  4. Committee will review and analyze results from surveys.

Step Two-Investigate Platforms for Station Rotation, Flipped Classroom, and Individualized Homework

  1. Committee will review current online platforms teachers have access to that are part of curriculum subscriptions.
  2. Review these platforms capability of meeting the requirements of the blended learning program.
  3. Investigate other platforms such as Istation, IXL, and Reasoning Minds
    1. Grade levels served
    2. Device compatibility
    3. Cost

Step Three-Present findings to Principal and Business Manager

  1. Committee will discuss the platforms we are proposing to use.
    1. Benefits
    2. Case Studies
    3. Cost, if any

Step Four-Create presentation for teachers

  1. Presentation will include benefits of blending learning.
  2. Demonstrate the use of the selected platforms.
  3. Presentation will feature a Q&A session.
  4. Evaluation tool of presentation from teachers.

Step Five-Parent and Community Meeting

  1. A parent meeting will be conducted to inform them of the blended learning program.
  2. Benefits will be discussed as well as prospective results.
  3. Q&A session will be held during parent meeting.

Step Six- Choose Pilot Grade Levels

  1. STAAR testing grades will pilot the program in Math and Reading.

Step Seven-Begin Program

  1. Students will take assessments to determine individualized paths.
  2. Begin Station Rotation in Daily and Friday RTI time.
  3. Use platform to assign student instruction via videos.

Step Eight-Monitor and Differentiate

  1. Monitor student progress from individualized reports.
  2. Assist teachers with differentiating instructional activities.
  3. Assess students with bi-weekly CBA’s.

Step Nine-Report

  1. Send home bi-weekly progress reports from individualized learning reports.
  2. Report findings to Principal.

4 thoughts on “Blended Learning Implementation Draft”

  1. Wow Venus you have a really ambitious plan. Great idea to build a committee as your very first step. That will help with teacher buy in and support. I like how you begin by gathering information from teachers and parents so you can meet teachers and students where they are and so you can develop a plan that is customized to your campus needs. It appears that your goal is to implement station rotations, the flipped classroom, and individualized homework. That seems like a lot of change for 1 year and to much to fast can overwhelm students and teachers which can hinder success. I think you might want to consider starting with one of the three strategies the 1st year and build on from there.

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  2. Peer review #3 – You have an impressive innovation project outline, Venus! From the beginning stages of the implementation process, you demonstrate how you want to use data to support the success of blended learning at Meyerpark. You have presented many ways for teachers to assess the progress of students which will be valuable when it is time to review for state assessments. How will the students self-assess in order to set personal goals in math and reading? The way you have included parents in your implementation plan will have a tremendous positive impact on parental involvement. What opportunities will you offer parents to help support their student with the blended learning model you are proposing? The way you plan to use data to differentiate instruction will certainly engage and challenge learners on your campus.

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