Blended Learning-Our Future

Blended Learning is a trending learning model to help students succeed in their learning.  Today, as educators we are tasked with engaging the 21st century learner. Direct instruction and lectures are not enough. We don’t get rid of those traditional models, we enhance them with technology and other tools that we now have access to. I have ascertained that LEARNING is the primary focus for students. There are many tools out there to help meet this goal. Dr. H has drilled this concept and I think I finally got it! 🙂 Thank you! Check out this short video to peak your interest!

I am proposing some pretty innovative concepts for my school. I believe these models will be extremely beneficial to our students, parents, and teachers. I hope you enjoy reading this proposal.

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Because I really believe in this proposed project and this is something that I want to see happen at my school, I really dove into researching supporting articles for the Flipped Classroom and Station Rotation. These are concepts that our school has been interested in for awhile, but had’t had success in follow through. My goal is to make sure this project is carried out and given time to be successful. Click on the image below to experience my Literature Review. The information provided in the review is a mere piece of the supporting information for Blended Learning. Enjoy!!!!

Of course with any project, there must be a plan to follow to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Planning must be thorough and include steps to monitor goals and adjust if necessary. With all that said, we must keep our eye on the target, which is student learning. Of course there will be hiccups and readjustments, but a well thought out plan will have room for growing pains. Check out my plan to implement the Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, and Individualized Homework. Implementation Plan-Final


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Once I began researching, I felt like I couldn’t stop. I am amazed at how much information is out there about blended learning and the insane results that are being generated. My goal is to be a resource to my campus as we implement this project. How can I do this? This is only possible by keeping myself knowledgeable of the vast amounts of information that is available at my fingertips, whether it is from videos online or more literature.

Here are some more videos about blended learning and how elementary schools are currently using the flipped classroom and station rotation.

This video focuses on the why and how of the flipped classroom model.

This video shows you how the flipped classroom has worked in an elementary school.

Another model of blended learning, focusing on station rotation.

I like to learn from others, there is so much research out there about blended learning. I am learning that this is really not as new of a concept as I originally thought. Here are some books that I plan to read or listen to the audiobook if available. I have become a audiobook fanatic!

Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change

I am really intrigued about this book. Tucker is also featured in the youtube video about blended learning above. She discusses the station rotation model. This book focuses on increasing student engagement through the use of blended learning, using technology as a tool.  





Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World– October 18, 2011

Who doesn’t want to get smarter? Ark discusses why students should be exposed to digital learning. This is where our world is headed. We need to be on the side of preparing our students for the future. It appears he shares stories of success as well. 







Just Ask Us: Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement (Corwin Teaching Essentials) 1st Edition

What better way to find out what students expect in school! This book is full of student quotes and what they want in a learning environment. It will be interesting to see the different perspectives of the many students surveyed. 








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Professional Developments I would like to experience:

ISTE 2019: 

JUNE 23-26, 2019: This conference seems like a digital educator dream. ISTE is responsible for digital learning standards and is a great resource in the digital education world.

Blended and Personalized Learning Conference:

APRIL 4-6, 2019: An entire conference on blended learning! This would be a great opportunity for the pilot teachers of the blended learning program to get some valuable information and exposure to how blended learning is working across the nation.

We have the ability to truly engage our students with authentic learning experiences. Keeping our focus on student learning will greatly benefit all stakeholders involved. We want to be able to plant in students the capability of true problem solving and critical thinking. We also want to prepare them for the future. Technology or school are not going anywhere anytime in the foreseeable future. Let’s use these two tools to increase student learning! 


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