Collaboration is Key

Collaboration seems to be the new buzzword for education. It’s a good thing! Collaborating with others who share similar interests increases your knowledge base. It welcomes the premise of constructive feedback, breeds new ideas and challenges your perceptions. Learning networks of all avenues are pertinent to have in your bag. Learning happens everywhere! Here is a list of learning networks I am currently apart of, some are more informational whereas others allow you to communicate with others.

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Lead4ward is an excellent resource for instructional strategies, released STAAR questions, and templates to document student learning. There is also a free app available to download for Apple or Android phones.

Twitter has so many components to utilize. There are many hashtags and chats to follow or to participate in.

This is probably one of my favorite sites, simply because it is chalk full of research-based blogs and articles. The articles are categorized by topics such as leadership, instructional, sel strategies, and etc.

No longer for just socializing with friends and family! There are a plethora of groups for digital learning and educational topics. All you have to do is type in a topic and plenty of groups will show up. The groups allow collaboration with the members of the group and the sharing of tons of resources.

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Let’s share! Please feel free to comment or leave a new learning network. I love finding new opportunities to learn.