Importance of Viewing Other Eportfolios

Over the course of creating my Eportfolio, I have learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. When I first began, my thoughts were, “Oh my gosh…. I don’t know anything about creating a website!” Now, I have embraced it and quite pleased with what I have created. I really appreciated viewing the examples of the Eportfolios as well as reviewing my peers Eportfolios. It is evident, no two Eportfolios are the same. Each one is unique in its own way, highlighting the owner of the Eportfolio showcasing their learning and reflections. It also gave me an opportunity to learn from them, professionally borrow. Lol! There is so much that I would like to add to my Eportfolio, now it’s just figuring out the best way to accomplish that. Levi Harapnuik’s Eportfolio is impressive and it made sense when he said his Eportfolio is “helping him develop his brand.” This is so true and is exactly what we are doing…. establishing our own brand. There were some very appealing sites with lots of color, images, videos, and items that draw a person in. I also noticed all the detail and how well organized these sites are.

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The platform I decided to utilize was WordPress. It took a little bit of toying with before I found a theme I was happy with and establishing a flowing navigation. I also began with the free version, but after several reviews from my peers, it was conveyed to me there are quite a bit of ads all over my pages, which was extremely distracting. While designing the site, I was unaware of the ads, but then viewed the site as a spectator and not the creator. I discovered they were right! The ads were very distracting, diminishing the context of the site. I then paid for the domain and now I own it without any ads. It looks so much better!  I would like to add more pictures and videos to my Eportfolio, I would also like to add a lot of content to my Math and Science pages. I love Math and Science, this is a major component of job. I want to be able to add pertinent content. I have not figured out how to add without adding a bunch of different pages. I don’t know if the page is static or not. I need to find a tutorial to help with the development of these pages. I would also like to do a voice over for something, not sure what yet, but I think it’s pretty neat.

So, my next feat will be how to bring people to my site. I am little scared about this, but I am confident I have crafted something that people can learn from and appreciate. I welcome feedback and thoughts from others. I can’t wait until I get my first comment on my site!

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