Why use an E-Portfolio

From everything that I have read, I have learned some of the main reasons to use an e-portfolio are to self-reflect, showcase who you are, revisit ideas, and learn from challenges that may present themselves.


They will develop an appreciation for the challenges that are experienced while writing a reflective statement that identifies learning. (2010)


I feel like I am currently in this stage of the E-portfolio. I am finding it difficult to express myself without having the sense of rambling. As discussed in 41 Benefits of an E-Portfolio, I understand the need for an e-portfolio and its benefits, however I am struggling with the challenge of feeling like I am repeating myself.

I like the idea of having a personal record of my learning that I am able to revisit. Reflecting upon something that deeply resonated with you is priceless, because most times it is difficult to recall what was learned if it is not put into action or written down for later use. Reflection is such a powerful aspect of personal learning. This concept of reflection is discussed thoroughly in Reflection4Learning. There are several visuals that demonstrate the how you can effectively reflect on your learning or experience. In this article they also discuss storytelling as a reflection. This was quite interesting and has research to back up their claims.


Portfolios provide a powerful environment in which students can collect and organize the artifacts that result from engaging in these challenging, real-life tasks, and write the reflections through which students draw meaning. Part of the reflective process is to have students tell stories about their experiences which brain research shows can help students embed these experiences into their long term memory. (2018)


As discussed before, after viewing an example of the portfolio of individual who was hired based on his e-portfolio was amazing. The e-portfolio can give an employer a true view of who you are, more than what you can sell in an interview.

I think the best aspect of an e-portfolio, is watching your own personal growth. Seeing where you began, where you currently are, and where you are going is incomparable.




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